What can we do for you? Other than just supplying people with awesome, organic and living teas, we (and the Dutch Global Tea Hut community) also host regular tea¬†gatherings all over the Netherlands and Belgium. We also serve tea to people in our private little tea room, occasionally serve roadside tea somewhere out in the public and make frequent trips to the nourishing spring ‘the Minnebron’ close to Leuven, where we drink tea outside with those who share in our company. We would also love to serve tea to people at receptions, birthdays, as a way of team-building or during other occasions where bowls of tea and the connection it so often brings can be appreciated by those present. Feel free to contact us for any special requests regarding tea, tea ware and service. We would love to be of service in any way we can!

Would you like to connect with the local or global tea community? Drop us an amail at zlove.t@gmail.com or visit Global Tea Hut!