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The distributaries of Brahmaputra river is jamuna river and Padma river Explanation The Brahmaputra starts from the lake Manasarover in Tibet where it is known by the name Tsangpo The river enter India from Arunachal Pradesh and starts flowing the south west In Bangladesh the river distributed into two branches The branch moving towards western side has the majority of water

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The Sulina Arm one of the main distributaries into the Danube delta in Romania and a main navigation route Report River transport The Danube is running dry The Danube Europe s second longest river is one of the most poorly navigable rivers on the continent Despite the EU s Danube Strategy the summer drought has resulted in even lower

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When a river reaches near its mouth it carries a large volume of water and sediment The speed of the river also decreases as sand bars in the wide river channel The sand bars divide the main river channel into several channel called Distributaries please mark this answer as a brainliest Advertisement

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distributary plural distributaries hydrology A stream of water either natural or artificial that branches off and flows away from a main stream channel quotations 1894 Herbert Michael Wilson Engineering Results of Irrigation Survey Government Office page 270 The bed of the distributary is at a slight elevation

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These channels are known as distributaries Was this answer helpful 0 0 Similar questions According to the variations in relief features the northern plains can be divided into four regions Name them Medium View solution > How can you say that the Northern plains have diverse relief features

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Branch canal also plays the role of feeder channel for major and minor distributaries Branch canals do not carry out direct irrigation but they provide direct outlets Major Distributary Canals who offtake from the main canal or branch canal with head discharge from to 15 cumecs are termed as significant distributaries

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Distributaries of the Cauvery River Kollidam River also called Coleroon River The Kollidam is a river in southeastern Kollidam is the northern distributary of the Kaveri River as it flows through the delta of Thanjavur It splits from the main branch of the Kaveri River at the island of Srirangam and flows eastward into the Bay of Bengal The distribution system in Kollidam

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Tributaries should not be mistaken for distributaries which flow from instead of to the mainstem in what is known as bifurcation Tributaries are classified based on either their proximity to the headwaters of a river or the relative sizes of their flow Internationally tributaries are vital for trade biodiversity providing

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91 The Guadalupe River is a 370km long river that originates in the western portion of Kerr County in the US State of Texas After flowing through several counties of Texas the Guadalupe River finally drains into the San Antonio Bay which is one of the principal estuaries that is situated along the state s coast on the Gulf of Mexico

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Delta Distributary The opposite of a tributary is a distributary Distributaries where rivers branch off to form smaller streams are probably the most familiar features of deltas Here The Chilkat River forms several distributaries before emptying into the Pacific Ocean near Wells Alaska Photograph by Michel Hammann MyShot