We were fortunate enough to be invited by the monastery and the Huang family to come to Wuyishan and to attend the Zen and Tea cultural festival there. We had the opportunity to walk around in gorgeous Wuyishan, drink awesome Cliff Tea (Tea from the Wuyishan mountain), serve Tea for people at the festival, be with our awesome Tea family and to listen to the wise, Tea steeped words of master Lin (Wu De’s teacher). Afterwards we also we’re lucky enough to visit the awesome master teapot maker master Zhou and his wife and master Chen Ju Fang in Yixing (the place where Zisha, the world’s no.1 clay for teapots comes from). We saw the original Dragon Kiln, wen’t to see Huanglongshan (the mountain where the clay is mined), ate a wonderful lunch at master Zhou and Chen Ju Fang’s place and got to see how master Zhou makes a teapot.

We thought we’d share with you some pictures of our awesome trip!


It’s so lush, green and abundant of water inside the Wuyishan park!


An old Tea tree standing there in solitude…


We’re hiking the trails.


Yes! A tea blossom.


Ancient tombs.


The trees grow in very biodiverse surroundings.


No wander real Cliff Tea makes you feel so good if you see where it comes from! This is really Living Tea!


The crew is hiking up to see the Da Hong Pao trees.


And I look back to enjoy the view…


The original Da Hong Pao trees.


Here we are at the opening of the festival.


And Master Lin shares with us some wisdom in between.


And here we are at the tea factory of the Huang family. This is part of the withering stage.


The frying stage.


The roasting stage.


And it smells sooooo goooood!!


Wuyi tea as old as me.


And the hostess of the factory are sharing tea with us.


Another the hostes serving us fine Wuyi tea.


And than the next moment… master Lin drops by to let us see, feel and experience the difference between new and old, good and better and even better tea pots. Wao… we’re lucky!


Wuyishan park form a distance…



Tanya sharing tea with the festival’s visitors.


And sometimes we have to fulfill our roll, do the formalities and make our ‘payment’ for getting here: being white monkeys (but it was actually not that bad… really).


Getting up to the stage in front of Chinese national television…



But it’s all good!


Back to serving tea again…


Back to the park again to see the big waterfall.


Fancy a swim?


So big!


And refreshing.


And behold… how the master makes a teapot (in Yixing)!!!

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