We are Tanya and Jasper, two lovers of tea who found each other as well as parts of themselves, through drinking, sharing and serving of natural and living teas. Tea has brought into our lives a time for stopping and returning to what really matters. The act of sitting down for a simple bowl of tea, something healthy for both us and our precious planet, has brought us endless joy, ease and clarity time after time. You could call it our medicine, though not in the western sense of the word. As our teachers say, the practice of tea can bring harmony into our lives and connect us to something greater than ourselves. Could there be a better ‘medicine’?

Through Nature Tea we wish to offer people in the Netherlands and Belgium the opportunity to enjoy these organic, sustainable and living teas too! We hope that these teas will bring into your life an extra moment of calmness and clarity. No matter how short they are or insignificant they may seem. Whether they come in the form of a simple mug of tea at the office, or through the deeply felt peace a tea session can bring when we offer tea our fullest attention… May these teas be enjoyed in any way that brings you harmony, peace, happiness and contentment!

“May you find all the Calm, Joy, Quietude, Presence,
Clarity, and Completion inherent in Tea.
May a thousand other virtues line the shelves of your tearoom.
May they be a part of your journey, every turn of every road;
And spread,
Cup by cup,
To those whose paths you cross along the Way.”
– Wu De –