And yes… we can also serve tea at PHD defenses ;). Tanya decided that she wanted to have ‘real’ tea at her reception… so we decided to bring our own tea!
Suddenly allot more people wanted to drink tea instead off coffee or alcohol. Almost everyone present passed by for a cup!
Even the women working at the University cafe, after she commented that bringing our own tea was not allowed, asked me to pour her a coup of tea that’s ‘good for stress’… So I poured her some ‘Descending Earth’ (aged Shou Pu Erh)…haha…and some moments later she came back to say she liked it very much and that she was curious for more!

Tea is really for everyone at any time… isn’t it?

12080150_838208752966320_3091963223808145891_o (1)

12068649_838208759632986_7415110374630299829_oisn’t it?

Tanya, her moral support and all the professors. 12080148_838208742966321_6925855449816235418_o

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