‘Temple Mist’, Wu Liang Mountain Green (25g)


Yunnan large leaf varietal green tea, spring 2015. Certified organic (JN organic certification).

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A special green tea from the highest peak of Yunnan: Wuliang Mountain. An unique tea because it is made from large leaf varietal tea trees (Camelia sinensis var. Assamica). Perhaps that’s the reason that this tea, along with it’s light and fresh taste and smell, also offers some more depth as well. A great tea to just scatter in a bowl and add hot water. Observing how these beautifully shaped leaves unfold in the bowl can be a very pleasant sight to watch… A¬†great uplifting and forgiving tea to lighten our day!

Note that this is green tea from spring of 2015. Fresh green teas can be great, but a green tea from a year old or so can also be very nice too! A bit more ‘calmed down’ and mellow and great to drink until late in the evening on a hut summer day!


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