The one and only spring in the Netherlands (as far as we know) is the Ulestraten srping close to Maastricht. We we’re curious to try out the water and see if it would be good water for tea. Once arrived, we filled our water jars and drank tea in the tiny forest just behind the spring. Good water! But a lot of calcium too (this can clog up our teaware and it adds a bit of a taste to the tea)… Tanya and I later used a Brita filter to filter the water which made it a lot better!


The spring in Belgium, where we fetched water for the events with tea master Wu De last August, is better for Tea in our opinion. The water is thick and smooth, has less calcium and has a clean taste that doesn’t influence the tea. Wu De said it was one of the top 10 waters for tea he ever tasted! The spring is located in Oud-Heverlee and is called the Minnebron.